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I started photography with the seventies equivalent of the brownie box camera, a Kodak instamatic found at a yard sale for two dollars. This was an amazing sum of money for an eight year old, whose primary source of income was from change found in the sofa and the occasional lucky penny on the street.

Those early pictures were very typical of any other eight year old: my dog, a scary looking tree, a blurry picture of my mom, but I was enthralled by it. Photography quickly became one of the many things I loved to do. As I grew, like many kids, my interests came and went, but photography was one that was just always a part of me.

For over twenty years now, I have been producing photography for advertising, corporate and editorial clients. I enjoy the challenge of creating images that communicate ideas and express emotions. Images that tell my client's story.

When not shooting, you can usually find me with my wife and our three children. They too are experiencing the joys of a good yard sale, however, I haven't found another good camera at one since.

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